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Europe’s safest destinations for contact-free corporate experiences

Pelorus Agency’s top remote European destinations for your all of your corporate needs.

August 2020

Whilst we are all trying to adapt to a new world, why not pursue your next corporate experience a little closer to home? Whether it is to take your team out of their comfort zone and stimulate new ideas, launch an exciting new product, or incentivise an upcoming project, it is increasingly easy to find remote, invigorating locations that are accessible by alternative means of transport than just flying. Thereby reduce your environmental impact and limit your contact with others without sacrificing on excitement or location. Travel by train, boat or private car, and allow the journey to become part of the adventure.

Pelorus Agency has hand-picked a variety of destinations that all offer remote terrain and activities that avoid coming into close contact with others, as well as low infection rates and no compulsory quarantines (at the time of writing). These choices are all currently least affected by Covid-19, and have extensive hygiene measures in place, allowing you to escape without putting yourself, your team, or local communities at risk. All have been chosen on the advice of our specialised coronavirus consultant to offer the best escapes to kickstart your business goals coming out of lockdown.


Norway is home to some of the wildest terrain, encompassing all necessary elements of an adventure, without the crowds. Head to the Lofoten Islands in Northern Norway to enjoy ski touring and snowy beaches in the winter, or adrenaline-seeking hikes and climbs to breath-taking views in the summer. The terrain and type of activity that is on offer here (sailing, hiking, rock climbing) make it very easy to avoid coming into close contact with others, while offering ample choices for focusing on teambuilding and collaboration after the isolation of lockdown.

Read about what you can get up to in Northern Norway’s famous fjords here, or see how you can get acquainted with Norway’s whales, wolves and wilderness here. Let these dramatic landscapes be the backdrops to achieving your brand goals or getting your employees out from behind their laptops.


Switzerland has handled the pandemic in typical Swiss style: using swift action and efficient measures to ensure the country can return to normal as soon as possible. It is therefore currently possible to travel around the country with very few restrictions, allowing you and your clients to enjoy Switzerland’s most loved beauty spots for example, or to reward and re-incentivise your team’s hard work during lockdown with wellness and mindfulness courses with the most spectacular backdrops.

Take a boat trip to the heart of one of Europe’s largest waterfalls, the Rhine Falls, or bungee jump off the 220-metre tall Contra Dam in Ticino (as James Bond did in the opening scene of Golden Eye). Capitalise off the peace and quiet and inspiring scenery to strategise face to face with colleagues you have only seen through computer screens for months. With such a huge variety of landscapes, there is an adventure for everyone in Switzerland, whether it is mountain biking in the Engelberg region or watersports in the huge alpine Lake Neuchatel.


Regardless of whether you categorise Georgia as in Europe or Asia, it definitely deserves a spot on this list. Georgia’s quick reaction to the pandemic and the implementation of strict health measures meant that it was able to reopen its borders to tourists safely on the 1st July.

Georgia is a multi-faceted country offering anything you could be looking for. From intense multi-day hikes in Svaneti, to heli-skiing in Gudauri, to beach relaxing on the Black Sea, or cultural explorations in the capital Tbilisi, you will be hard-pushed to find something missing from this country. Not to mention the delightful locals and delicious cuisines. Here you could choose to launch your latest product with rugged photoshoots in the most untouched terrain, and be sure to engage with new audiences by providing insights into the unexpected.


Croatia has successfully managed to keep Covid-19 from ruining its summer of tourism. Whether you are looking for luxury (the town of Cavtat, just south of Dubrovnik, has a large selection of private villas and family hotels) or adventure (Croatia’s coastline is infamous for its sailing opportunities, as well as water sports, rock climbing and cliff jumping), Croatia can provide your party with a safe holiday opportunity. Catch up with your clients over dinner aboard your floating offices, having enjoyed a day of sailing through crisp waters and fresh winds.

With options such as kayaking into remote caves, climbing Dubrovnik’s city walls, swimming in the world-famous Dragon’s Eye Lake, or hiking in Paklenica National Park, there are no limits to what is on offer in Croatia.


Montenegro benefits from still being relatively untouched by tourism, with extensive opportunities for creating your own adventure and making the most of the peace, quiet, and natural beauty. What is more, Montenegro’s coastal town of Kotor has been named a ‘green zone’ with zero cases of Covid-19 detected.

The Bay of Kotor is one of Montenegro’s biggest draws, with a fortified city, sparkling seas and ample opportunity for trekking and cycling. For example, get the adrenaline pumping and inject some team-building into your trip with white water rafting in the Tara Canyon (one of the world’s deepest and largest, at 82km long), before holding an unconventional strategy meeting amidst hugely varied wildlife against the backdrop of verdant mountains, and finally winding down with some sunset yoga on the flowered lakeshores of Lake Skadar.


With Bohinj, Slovenia being named as one of the best sustainable tourism destinations in Europe, we felt we couldn’t leave it off our list. Explore the 24km long, and over two million year-old, Postojna Cave system, traverse the 1600m wooden walkway through the Vintgar Gorge, or climb the mountainous Vršič Pass with an elevation of 1611m, and views of Slovenia’s highest peaks.

Reward your team’s hard work through such difficult circumstances with wellness experiences and outdoor activities in this green paradise. It is the perfect location for those who love nature, with a wealth of opportunity for outdoor sports, trekking, and authentic local experiences.


Finland offers a unique opportunity to explore untouched wilderness, see bears, moose, and wolves in their natural environments, and ensure you are travelling sustainably. Awarded the ‘EDEN’ label by the European Commission, Finland’s Eastern Kainnu nature reserve comprises all the ingredients for a sustainable and authentic natural experience, with clear lakes, woods, and rapids. Finland’s low population density makes it very easy to find never-before-seen landscapes in which to shoot

innovative new marketing materials, or rekindle your team’s energy and motivation to come out of lockdown stronger than before.

With opportunities for fishing, hiking, watersports, camping and more, Finland is the perfect destination to encourage your colleagues and clients to benefit nature, while benefitting from nature.

All of these countries offer prime locations to get some much-needed respite out in nature during such difficult times. Now more than ever it is so important for you and your colleagues to escape staring at the same four walls and take your team, brand or product on an adventure to reinvigorate your business and achieve your 2020 goals. Whether you are incentivising an upcoming project or celebrating recent success, investing in a European adventure in the wake of lockdown is an opportunity for re-energising your business that is not to be missed. Overseas travel is not essential at all for this, however, and so we have conveniently compiled a list of UK-based options too.